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Workplace mediation

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Workplace Cultural Assessment

A workplace cultural assessment is a cost-effective, person-centred approach to managing conflict within the workplace.

We provide a holistic approach to understanding potential relationship, task, process and status conflicts.

Often, a conflict management process is considered well into the conflict experience and rebuilding can be challenging. Initial investigations and intakes assist us in establishing conflict management recommendations, such as feedback, coaching and indeed, workplace mediation.

Our practitioners work with organisations and businesses to provide recommendations that account for business requirements, such as location, cost, workplace policies and procedural considerations.

This solution-focused service aims to work with the participants and the business representatives to ensure that the process and transition periods are as supported as possible.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict management coaching (‘conflict coaching’) is a structured process that helps people on a one-on-one basis to develop or enhance their skills, knowledge and competencies, to engage in and manage interpersonal conflict more effectively.

Our coaches use the CINERGY® conflict management model framework to effectively help people in conflict shift their thinking, perspectives, attitudes and behaviours to then work towards the outcome they want.

CINERGY® conflict management coaching supports the philosophy of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) being:

“The International Coaching Federation adheres to a form of coaching that honours the client as the expert in their personal and/or professional life and believes that every client is creative, resourceful and whole.”


  • Saves time and money compared to formal determinative processes
  • Supports individuals within the workplace
  • Build and maintain professional relationships for a healthier workplace

Our Process


  • We will meet with the workplace representative and provide recommendations for conflict management strategies.
  • We will meet individually with each participant to understand their experiences, discuss the process and answer any questions they may have.
  • The participants may come together to discuss their disputes and how they might move forward to resolution. The mediator will facilitate solution-focused discussions and maintain respectful communication.
  • It is important that participants feel safe to communicate and seek resolutions. The mediator will support the participants with how they might practically implement their agreements within the workplace and maintain their resolutions.



When should we use workplace mediation?

Workplace mediation can be used when parties agree to an informal process to resolve their disputes and there is no serious misconduct or breach needing formal investigation.

Who starts workplace mediation?

Generally, we see engagement from managers, owners or human resource departments engaging independent services to provide mediation.

Am I required to attend?
No, workplace mediation is voluntary and used when the parties to a dispute agree to engage with the informal dispute resolution process.


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