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Online Mediation

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Online Mediation

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With the traditional mediation format being provided online, this service allows communication without gathering or travelling. Connect via telephone or video platforms to find your way forward.

What can we provide:

  • Online Dispute Resolution Certification
  • Logistical ease
  • Time and cost-saving
  • A combination approach to meet your needs

Online mediation aims to provide a safe, confidential and supportive environment for negotiations and future-focused discussions. As a valid original mediation option, clients are able to access services with ease and bridge the gap in discussions.

Our Process

  • Get in touch with our service and we can schedule a short telephone conversation to gather your details, discuss your circumstances, answer your questions and identify the most appropriate way to move forward.
  • Attend an individual appointment via our video link platform to discuss the process and your experiences prior to mediation. We will talk about preparation for discussions and identify any further supports that may be beneficial to you. We will then move on to formally invite the other party into the process if needed.
  • The mediator will then facilitate case management to decide whether a mediation process is appropriate. The parties do not attend this part of the process but will be provided with the outcome. If so, we will discuss the use of the chosen online platform and assist with any queries.
  • The online mediation session will run in the same way as traditional mediation, only from the comfort of your chosen space. The mediator will assist parties to identify the issues in dispute, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach an agreement. The mediator will maintain a safe and confidential environment and facilitate future-focused discussions.
Do both parties need to agree to online mediation?

Yes, for online mediation to proceed, both parties must agree to use the platform and have the capabilities to do so.

Can we use the online platform for Family Dispute Resolution?

Yes, however, both parties must be willing to attend Family Dispute Resolution via online services.

Are the platforms secure?

We generally use Microsoft Teams to conduct online services. We encourage you to contact MS Teams directly for further information regarding their encryption processes.


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