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Relationship Mediation

Relationship Mediation is a unique service for committed people that are experiencing relationship challenges and wish to seek support to strengthen their relationship with facilitated guidance by an experienced mediator.

This solution-focused service is designed to assist people in creating a template for their future and mutual well-being. Our practitioners aim to create a safe space for you to have the hard discussions needed to strengthen your connections in new ways.

What is it?

For people who have made the choice to work together, relationship mediation offers a space that is different to counselling or therapy-based services. Relationship mediation does not aim to diagnose, treat or assist with individual core concerns.

Mediation assists in future and solution-focused discussion over a comparably short period of time.

Relationship mediation is:

  • Task orientated
  • Time-limited
  • Goal-focused and short term

Our Process

  • Get in touch with our service and we can schedule a short telephone conversation to gather each partner’s details, discuss your circumstances, answer your questions, discuss fees and identify the most appropriate way to move forward.
  • Attend an individual appointment at our offices to discuss the process and your experiences prior to mediation. We will talk about preparation for discussions and identify any further support that may be beneficial to you.
  • The mediator will then facilitate case management to decide whether a mediation process is appropriate. The parties do not attend this part of the process but will be provided with the outcome.
  • Relationship mediation will be conducted to assist participants in finding a way forward, a template for their future and creating a path to connection through the discussion of disputes and concerns.

Fee Schedule

Individual Consultation (up to 1 hour) $170 per person inclusive of GST
Pre-Mediation Coaching (Conflict Coaching) $220 per person per session inclusive of GST
Mediation (minimum of 2 hours) $250 per hour inclusive of GST

Prices are inclusive of administration and scheduling costs.
Any mediation that goes beyond 3 hours will be charged at a rate of $250 per person per hour or part thereof (inclusive of GST).


How we can help


What if the other person does not wish to attend?

Relationship Mediation is voluntary and requires both participants to attend. Each participant will need to actively and voluntary participate for the service to be beneficial.

Do we need to be local to attend?

No, we are able to facilitate relationship mediation via our video link platform. If possible, we do encourage participants to attend in person.

Do we need to commit to many sessions?

No, the amount of sessions needed is completely individual. However, to understand the service completely, we recommend no fewer than two (2) joint sessions with the mediator. This allows time to explore the situation and discuss how to move forward with time to review and adjust as needed. It is common for participants to need further sessions.


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