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How we can help

FIFO Forward: Relationship Mediation

We are bringing relationship mediation to the mining sector to mitigate the rate of family breakdowns experienced by the Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) workforce.

We are combining Conflict Management Coaching and Relationship Mediation to provide mining families with a safe and supportive environment to discuss potential pathways for dealing with the challenges associated with a mining lifestyle. 

When should we start? 

This service is available for families when they need it. Considering the following times may be useful: 

  • When a family member begins a FIFO job. 
  • When you are thinking about having children or changing the family structure. 
  • When a family member leaves a FIFO accessing

We aim to assist you to start discussions early to keep problems small and more quickly resolved.

FIFO Forward: Relationship Mediation makes use of technology such as video mediation to assist mining families to access services no matter where family members are located.

Our Process


  • Get in touch with your service and we can schedule a short telephone conversation to gather each partner’s details, discuss your circumstances, answer your questions, discuss fees and identify the most appropriate way to move forward.
  • Attend an individual appointment at our offices to discuss the process and your experiences prior to mediation. We will talk about preparation for discussions and identify any further support that may be beneficial to you.
  • The mediator will then facilitate case management to decide whether a mediation process is appropriate. The parties do not attend this part of the process but will be provided with the outcome.
  • Relationship mediation will be conducted to assist participants in finding a way forward, a template for their future and creating a path to connection through the discussion of disputes and concerns.
Who can attend?

FIFO Forward: Relationship Mediation can be provided to both partners in a FIFO relationship.

Unfortunately, children are unable to attend due to the mature nature of discussions.

Who starts FIFO Forward: Relationship Mediation?

Either partner is able to contact and ask for relationship mediation. Your workplace may also access this service, so feel free to discuss it with them if you are comfortable. 

Am I required to attend?

No, relationship mediation is voluntary and requires both people to participate.


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