5 Signs You May Need Relationship Mediation

5 Signs You May Need Relationship Mediation

Imagine that you open the Google search bar and type ‘relationship help’. You might be experiencing something that you’re not sure how to deal with, something might have happened that needs to be spoken about, or you might be seeking growth and maintaining connection as a couple.

You see ‘relationship mediation’ and are curious as to whether this would work for you. What is relationship mediation? Well, it’s definitely not couple’s counseling or couple’s therapy. Relationship mediation tends to come into play when there is a specific issue that a couple would like to work through. This could be as significant of a decision as to where to send the kids to school, to something like working out the roles in the home, after one of the parties in the relationship returns from a FIFO career.

Relationship mediation may work for you, but the truth is that there is no one answer.

Relationships do not come with instruction manuals about when or how to seek help, but there might be some common signs or signals that may suggest that you could be in need or or benefit from relationship mediation.

Here are some of the top 5 signs that you may need relationship mediation, or the top 5 reasons why you might choose to participate in relationship mediation.

1. Big changes are happening

Change is inevitable and can cause a roller-coaster of emotions. Whether that be changing jobs, moving in together, deciding to have children, or any other milestone in your relationship, relationship mediation can assist partners in having discussions about the change and coming up with how to navigate them together.

2. You want a healthy, happy relationship

Going to relationship mediation is a sign of prioritising your relationship, working towards a joint future and growing together. It does not mean the end of your relationship, is near but in fact, shows your commitment to growth in this life together. This is a good thing!

3. You are having trouble communicating or being understood

In relationships, communication is key and if you feel that it has disappeared or is getting harder, this might be a sign to look into relationship mediation. Couples are encouraged to find new ways of connecting that are meaningful, respectful and fulfilling.

4. You are considering separation

The bottom line is that you know what’s going on in your relationship. You can feel when something needs changing or when you need help. Relationship mediation can help couples identify; is separation the only option? Identifying whether this is a necessary step is important in understanding the intentions of each person.

5. Your partner suggests it

If your partner suggests relationship help, your immediate thought might be couples counseling. You might think that it is unnecessary, or that you don’t want to deep dive into your past, and that’s okay. But it is important to consider the intention behind their proposal. Why might they be asking and what’s going on for them? Relationship mediation is short-term and solution-focused, facilitating partners to look at problem-solving and behaviour change that can work with counseling support, not against it.

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