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After engagement from a party, the mediator will schedule an Intake Session to discuss their experience and identify the most suitable service available. Participants for relationship mediation may decide to engage together.

The mediator will explain their role and confidentiality policy. The mediator will also explain the process and identify further supports that may assist the person as well as their family before their assessment appointment.


In all cases and services, the mediator must assess whether mediation is suitable for the family given their circumstances. This is done through a one-on-one discussion between each party and the mediator.

The mediator will speak with each party about their experiences to gain an understanding of their intentions for the mediation process.

If the parties have not agreed to mediate with each other at this stage, the process will begin to invite the other party into the service.


If an individual has initiated the process and completed an assessment without the other party also engaging, the person they wish to mediate with will be invited to engage with the process also.

For Family Dispute Resolution, the invited party will be notified that failure or refusal to engage may result in a certificate being issued to allow a pathway through to the Family Court if required.


The mediator will assist parties to identify the issues in dispute, develop options, consider alternatives and endeavour to reach an agreement. The mediator will maintain a safe and confidential environment and facilitate future and solution-focused discussions.

Please see our Outcomes page for further information about the outcomes and steps after mediation.

All cases are assessed before service in conjunction with the Family Law (Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners) Regulations 2008. For further details, please contact our service or seek legal advice.

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